Yale Working Group in Contemporary Poetry

Jacques Roubaud

Posted in Uncategorized by wgcp on May 16, 2009

On Friday, March 27 the Yale Working Group in Contemporary Poetry met to discuss select work by the French poet Jacques Roubaud. The following Monday afternoon, March 30, the group met in the Beinecke Library for a two hour, free ranging conversation with Mr. Roubaud himself. That session was immediately followed by a public poetry reading and book signing at the Yale Bookstore.

Focusing largely on the recent La Presse publication, Exchanges on Light (2009; translated by Eleni Sikelianos), our Friday afternoon discussion opened with questions about the ‘Frenchness’ of Roubaud’s book (originally published in France in 1990 (after Quelque chose noir (1986) and before La Pluralit√© des mondes de Lewis (1991)). Our Monday afternoon session consisted of a sequence of excursions into Roubaud’s various worlds, all of them described, in his own words, by Roubaud who, afterward, pondered over how well the complexity of these realms can be communicated in what he feels is his waning command of the English language.

A detailed account of both discussions can be found online: WGCP Minutes, Jacques Roubaud.

Photo: Olivier Roller: http://olivier.roller.free.fr

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