Yale Working Group in Contemporary Poetry

Chinese Poetry, World Literature, and Dual Translation

Posted in Announcements, Events, Member News by beineckepoetry on January 29, 2010

February 3rd at 5:30 in HGS 312, Lucas Klein be giving a talk  titled “Foreign Echoes & Discerning the Soil: A Look at Chinese Poetry, World Literature, and Dual Translation Then and Now.”

In this talk, Lucas will attempt to define World Literature, how it has shaped and been shaped by Chinese poetry in the 20thcentury and in the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907), and what translation and translation studies can tell us about the economics and politics of literary production and consumption in a global perspective. Plus, Lucas will do it all through close-reading and contextualizing specific poems in an effort to encompass the argument of his dissertation in under 35 minutes.

Lucas Klein is a union organizer and editor of the online journal of creative translation, «www.CipherJournal.com». After living in Beijing and Paris, his current home is in Connecticut, where he slouches towards a PhD in Chinese Literature at Yale. His translations, essays, and poems have appeared or are forthcoming at CipherJournal, Frank, Manoa, Composite Translations, Palimpsest, and Big Bridge, and he regularly reviews books for Rain Taxi and other venues.

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