Yale Working Group in Contemporary Poetry

About the WGCP

The Whitney Humanities Center / Beinecke Library
Working Group in Contemporary Poetry and Poetics

Interested members of the Yale University community are invited to join the Whitney Humanities Center / Beinecke Library Working Group in Contemporary Poetry and Poetics (WGCP). The Group meets Fridays at 3:00pm in room 116 at the Whitney Humanities Center at Yale University (the corner of Church and Wall) to discuss problems and issues of contemporary poetry within international alternative and / or avant-garde traditions of lyric poetry.

The WGCP regularly invites visiting scholars and poets to join the group discussion; guests have included Susan Howe, Jacques Jouet, John Yau, and Charles Bernstein. WGCP discussions take the work of modernist masters in the European and American traditions and a variety of more recent poetries and poetic theories from around the world as their primary subject. The group’s conversations consistently assess the shifting relationship between poetry and other forms of discourse (including criticism, philosophy, politics, mathematics, medicine, history, and art history), as well as the way poetry engages innovative thinking in other arts (cinema, music, painting, architecture). Consequently, the concerns that animate our biweekly discussions vary greatly (see an archive of our minutes at: WGCP Minutes Archive).

The WGCP readings have recenlty included E Pound/Fenellosa, C. Olson, L. Niedecker, G. Stein, U. Dydo, E. Hocquard, M. Deguy, A. Schwerner, A. Lauterbach, J-M Gleize and F.T. Marinetti. Guests included Michael Deguy, Emmanuel Hocquard, Cole Swensen, Jean-Marie Gleize, Ulla Dydo, Paolo Valesio and Ann Lauterbach. To receive announcements about the WGCP’s meetings and events via e-mail, subscribe to the group’s list-serv at WGCP List-serv.

WGCP co-coordinators: Richard Deming (English Dept.), Nancy Kuhl (YCAL Beinecke).

Photo: WGCP, Spring 2010


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