Yale Working Group in Contemporary Poetry

Minutes Archive

Meeting minutes from selected WGCP discussions since 2004 are linked below; a complete archive of announcements to the WGCP list is available here: WGCP List Archive

Pierre Alferi, Les Allures Naturelles, 4-2005; OXO, 9-2010; Alferi Visit, 9-2010

Beinecke Library, Modernist’s Manuscripts, 10-2004

Charles Bernstein, Shadowtime, 3-2008

Blaise Cendrars and Sonia Delauney, La Prose du Trans-Siberian with Timothy Young, 1-2008

Brazilian Concretistas discussion with David Jackson, 3-2005

Robert Creeley’s poetry and essays, 4-2005

Michel Deguy, Recumbents, 10-2005; Michel Deguy, Gisants, with Adelaide Russo, 5-2009

Michel Delville The present state of prose poetry

Emily Dickinson’s poems, 2-2005

Rachel Blau Duplessis visit, 4-2008

Angelica Freitas with Hilary Kaplan, 10-2010

Forrest Gander, Eye against Eye and Faithful Existence; Gander visit, 2-2009

Peter Gizzi, The Outernational,10-2009; Gizzi visit, 11-2009

Jorie Graham, Sea Change; Graham Visit 2-2011

Lyn Hejinian, Saga/Circus, Hejinian visit 4-2010

Kent Johnson, Araki Yasusada, and Double Flowering, 4-2005

John Koethe, ROTC Kills

Ben Lerner, Mean Free Path; Lerner visit 10-2011

George Oppen, Of Being Numerous, 10-2004

Michael Palmer, Notes for Echo Lake and The Lion Bridge, 10-2004; Michael Palmer, The Lion Bridge, 11-2004

Michael Palmer, Company of Moths, 10-2008; Palmer visit, 10-2008

Phonotextuality with Steve Evans, 4-2009

Ezra Pound and Ernest Fenollosa with Lucas Klein, 9-2005

Claudia Rankine, Don’t Let Me Be Lonely; Rankine visit 11-2011

Charles Reznikoff, Testimony, 2-2010

Jacques Roubaud,  Exchanges on Light; Roubaud visit, 3-2009

Ron Silliman, Alphabet, 11-2008; Ron Silliman visit, 11-2008

David Shapiro, Selected Work 12-2010

Susan Steward, Red Rover; Stewart visit 4-2011

Cole Swensen, “Garden War,” 4-2005;

Poetry, Politics, Violence (poetry and essays by Kent Johnson, Jean-Michel Espitallier, Dominique Fourcade, Susan Sontag, and Martha Sandweiss), 10-2004

Jan Wagner visit 10-2012

Keith Waldrop, Transcendental Studies, 12-4-09; Keith Waldrop Visit, 1-29-10

Marjorie Welish, Isle of the Signatories,9-2009; Welish visit, 10-2009

Elizabeth Willis, Meteoric Flowers, 5-2010; Elizabeth Willis Visit, 5-2010

Walt Whitman, “Song of Myself,” 2-2005

C. D. Wright, Rising, Hovering, Falling 10-2010

Andrew Zawacki, Petals of Zero, Petals of One; Zawacki visit 12-2011

Zukofsky, A, 9-2004; Abigail Lang on Zukofsky, 10-2004


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